Full & Partial Car Wraps, Truck Wraps, & Van Wraps

One of the most popular forms of modern vehicle advertising is the full vehicle wrap. These graphics wrap around the whole vehicle, making your marketing display visible on each side of the car or truck, while allowing you to use large graphics and letters. Exclusive Linez specializes in printing high-quality, full vehicle wraps and graphics. We produce impressive full vehicle vinyl graphics. Using full vehicle wraps, you can get increased exposure to large audiences, especially if your services involve transportation. Large car graphics are always eye catching and great attention grabbers.

Car wrap

We have highly trained installers that provide perfect installation of all car graphics.  We use advanced technology and high-quality materials when printing vehicle wraps.  We produce vibrant and durable full vehicle graphics that maintain their shine and are not discolored by the sun or other atmospheric exposure.  We understand the importance of this advertising tool and advise our customers about how we design the vehicle wrap, as well as what type to choose so they can achieve the maximum effect.


Mobile advertising is often listed as one of the most cost-effective and influential promotional media available to business. They provide a modern and affordable alternative to old-style custom paint jobs. You'll pay less and get more in the end. Unlike custom paint, vinyl wraps peel off to restore your vehicle to its original finish. Potential buyers are not faced with a pre-owned van that advertises "Acme Dry Cleaning," Instead, they view one that looks remarkably like new!


Vehicle Wraps allow you to maintain a uniform look by outfitting your fleet with vehicle graphics.  Nine out of 10 people notice advertising mounted on the sides of trucks and, better yet, can recall the message days later. What's more, almost one-third of people would base a buying decision on the impression they got from the vehicle.


Benefits of Full Vehicle Wraps

  • They are eye-catching and make you stand out from competitors: Drivers won’t pay much attention to the plain white vans of competing businesses. They will, however, notice your bright, well-designed full vehicle wrap!
  • They transform your vehicles into mobile billboards:  Expand your reach, frequency and the impact of your promotional efforts.
  • They add a valuable new element to your marketing mix: You can reach an audience of drivers you might otherwise miss with other media.
  • They work 24/7 to promote your business: Even when parked at the job site or delivery location, a vinyl wrapped vehicle catches the eye of passing traffic and pedestrians.
  • They advertise your company’s location and contact information: When parked onsite between service calls or delivery runs, full vehicle wraps supplement your business signage to attract customers.